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Downloading the free Archipelago App

1) Where can I download the Archipelago App?

The Archipelago App is for one month free and you can download it after your registration in My Account/ Downloads.

Please feel free to download it first and try it how it works on your PC or notebook and how it fits you and your work before buying the yearly license. Try also the print to be sure you understand how it works.

The file may be downloaded repeatedly if you had for example troubles with unzipping or unwrapping the file.

2)Will the App work on my PC or notebook?

The App is now available for Windows OS as well as for Mac OS.

See the minimal software requirements bellow:

OS: Windows Vista SP1+, Mac OS X 10.9+
Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.
CPU: SSE2 instruction set support

The software requires a personal computer or a laptop and cannot be used on a tablet.
You will need an Internet connection to download and launch the program as well as to renew your license, but you do not need to be connected to the Internet for normal use while working with your clients.
The software is downloaded as a ZIP file and needs to be extracted (uzip or unwrap) by clicking  on the folder and then clicking on the “application” icon and selecting “extract everything”.

3) How can I extract the folder and how shell I start the App?

The application is downloaded as a zip file / file folder to save size. The ZIP program and its unpacking  software are needed to extract the file folder (The ZIP Unzipping Software is called UNZIP in general, it’s a simple tool that usually knows nothing else but this one proceeding.) Most computers already have this ZIP unpacking tool. For example, WinZip Universal is common.

After downloading the application, it is necessary to first expand the entire folder of files as a whole (not just individual files). It’s really important to expand the entire folder and not just one of the files or files sequentially. Do not click on the familiar yellow folder icon, which can sometimes be with a zip file or a zip folder because you can see what files the directory contains, but you would not be able to unpack them. You usually need to click on the icon using the right mouse button and your computer will offer you options (depending on the UNZIP file you are using, the menu and the text may vary) Open / Share / Unzip to / Delete / Rename . Therefore, you choose “Unzip to” and now your computer will offer you to choose where to expand the folder in your computer. We slightly recommend that you select Desktop so that you have access to the program from the Desktop. However, you can always have a directory elsewhere, and create a so-called representative on your desktop.

If your computer does not offer you the option to expand the folder by right-mouse botton clicking, it is possible that the function or the extraction menu can be found elsewhere in the file manager, for example in the top tool bar. If your computer does not offer the option to unpack the folder, it is also possible that you do not have a ZIP file extractor installed. Its´ download and installation will be the first step to unpacking and launching the application. (The ZIP Unzipping Software is commonly referred to as UNZIP, it’s a simple tool that usually has nothing but this one feature, and it is often available on multiple sites for free. Jus make sure you download it from the safe sources. The WinZip Universal is already included in the Windows operating system package and is subject to a fee.)

After that, a yellow folder with a folder of files (no longer with a zip and not a cube) and whitening paper, and sometimes a tiger image or at least a bit of it, should appear on your chosen location. Double-click on the icon to enter the directory. It contains the Data folder, the Archipelago folder with the tiger icon and the Unity Player folder. Later, the Print and Profiles folder appears. You can double-click on the file on the tiger icon. The first time you run it, your computer will probably warn you again that you should not run the application unless you know its source. You have to choose “run anyway” or “more information” and then “run anyway”. The next time you run the application, your computer usually does not display this warning.

4) The application will start after the installation, but no profiles or data that I created  are stored in it.

You may have launched the app but have not unpacked it properly before starting it. You usually know this is the case when the tiger icon did not appear in the directory, and you’re still unpacking and running the app over an icon that looks like a white rectangle with a blue square. This way to run is possible, but the situation is that the application is not properly functioning and it is unpacked and does not work well. Sometimes you can also recognize this situation when just before opening and starting the application you see notification: “Click on OK when program terminates!” This situation does not happen often. This can be the case, for example, if you simply use the application after copying it with Total Commander.

In this case just simply remove the installed files and return to the downloaded file (you will find it most often in the Downloads or Downloads folder, or you can download the file again on our sites in My Account). And follow the instructions in answer 3. Sometimes just return to the original downloaded directory and select the option “Open in … WinzipUniversal (or any other UNZIP program that your computer uses.”) And follow the instructions in the answer No. 3

5) After trying to run the application, the computer reports that it can not run it (for example, “Code does not run”) because UnityPlayer.dll was not found and offers the option to resolve the problem by program reinstallation.

This is when you downloaded only Archipelago from all the downloaded files, but you did not unpack the UnityPlayer file. You probably found the Tiger Icon ONLY (not a tiger looking out of a yellow folder) in the place where you saved the file. It is not dangerous, the solution is easy. The thing is that the Archipelago application needs a tool named UnityPlayer, which is part of the package you downloaded from us, but you did not install it on your computer by failing to unpack it. In that case, delete the already installed Archipelago file and re-expand the entire downloaded directory / file folder. Follow the instructions described in answer to question 3

6) When trying to unpack and install a file, the computer still reports that the application is dangerous and does not allow it to unpack or install it. What should I do?

Our company guarantees that there is nothing in the application that could damage your computer. However, your computer will always identify it as an application made from an unknown source.

First look at the menu that is part of the warning, “run anyway” or “more information” and then “run anyway” option. Also make sure you are not trying to skip the steps outlined in answer 3, ie expanding the downloaded directory. Whether you try to run the Archipelago over the white rectangle and the blue square icon without going through the unfolding step before. If yes, go back a step further to the file folder you downloaded (the yellow board icon and the Archipelago name) and right-click on the menu to unzip it or Unzip or Extract and follow the steps in answer 3.

If none of this applies, you may have set your computer / laptop settings in the Applications & Features section to set the computer / notebook to only install applications from known sources or the Store. It needs to be changed and allowed to install applications from all resources. But you can have other security protection set up by your network administrator that protects your computer. Because in this case you are interfering with the configuration and security of your computer / laptop, you may need to consult your IT administrator and not to change it on your own.


Will you check my posted qualifications?

When registering, we require verifiable and truthful information about your university and psychotherapeutic education. We require psychotherapeutic training of at least 200hrs (theory, practice, supervision).

Registration itself takes place automatically if you complete all the required information. However, GAMES 4 THERAPY reserves the right to check data at random or at the initiative of third parties at any time during the duration of the license.

The review is as follows: If we find any ambiguities or we find that the data listed is incorrect or we have been alerted by third parties regarding incorrect data, we will try to contact you via e-mail and errors in cooperation with you shall be removed or repaired. If we fail to communicate with you within 30 (thirty) days by email, or if you will not be able to provide us with the information provided at registration within thirty (30) days, we have the right to cancel your registration and block you from purchasing an annual license for working with products intended only for registered users. This procedure is not automatic, we always deal with it personally. We apologize if you have any complications, but it is essential for us to protect the abuse of the program by persons without adequate education.

If you work in a country that allows you to register as psychotherapists, your registration number and your education are sufficient. In this case, enter the institution or association in which you are registered in the “Psychotherapy / counseling training” section and enter your registration number in the “Number of hours” column.

If you are in an association of psychologists or psychotherapists who already guarantee the academic and psychotherapeutic training of their members, it will be sufficient for us to confirm your membership in this organization. Your membership in this association is then considered sufficient information about you and your education. In this case, enter the institution or association to which you are a member in the box “Examined psychotherapeutic / counseling training” and in the “Number of hours” column enter the contact (preferably the link) on which your membership can be verified (e.g. publicly available list of association members, etc.).

(for more details, see Business and Licensing Terms)

If I buy one license, can someone else work with the program on my computer?


In our Business and Licensing Terms, it is explicitly stated (in Article III, THE RIGHT AND LICENSE USAGE) that you purchase the license:

  1. either as an end-user and the following conditions apply to you:

The license is granted for the use of the Archipelago Software for the purchaser’s own needs in professional psychological or therapeutic work with children and without the possibility of its use by third parties or its distribution.

  1. Or you buy multiple licenses (multilicence) and then you are subject to the following conditions:

The license is granted to employees, subordinates or colleagues of the Licensee in professional psychological or therapeutic work with children for the use of Archipelago software, without the possibility of its distribution. When registering, the Licensee confirms that he or she has completed a tertiary education (at least a Master’s degree) and has undergone psychotherapeutic training of at least 200 hours (theory, practice, supervision). The Licensee is also responsible for the fact that only professionals with completed university education (at least a Master’s degree) and at least 200 hours of psychotherapeutic training (theory, practice, supervision) can work with the software.

Violation of any of these license agreement items is considered a gross violation of the terms of the license agreement.

In this case, we rely on your responsibility and the number of program users to match the number of licenses purchased.

Can I take a copy of the downloaded program for backup purposes?

Yes. We recommend this. Just remember that even a copy of the program can only be used for the duration of your license.

Upon completion of the registration transaction or payment of the applicable content charges, the user has the exclusive right to store, display and use the relevant content, access it, and for backup purposes make copies of it on their devices or other means permitted within the service only to the extent expressly permitted under these Terms and Related Principles.

For more details, see the Business and Licensing Terms again


Can I use Archipelago to work with my own children?

No, it is definitely not possible. Even if you are a graduate psychologist or a therapist and registered on the G4T site. If you think it would be helpful for your children to work with the program, ask another psychologist or therapist to work with them.

Do psychologists and psychotherapists often use interactive computer programs in their work?

No. The use of computer applications is a new trend and many professionals do not use them. In psychological and therapeutic work with children, you can use a variety of other materials and tools that are popular among professionals.

Does the Archipelago method as such help, or do you need to implement further therapeutic and psychological skills?

No therapeutic aid and as is the case with our software is entirely effective on its own. The professional who decides to work with it is the one who, through competence and skill, essentially breathes life into the method. And he or she will need a whole host of other skills and experience for their work.

Is working with this program safe for children?

If your child’s work with the professional is safe, it depends on who you have selected for your child’s work, what competencies they have, and which contract you have concluded together. The safety of therapeutic work is not a given and depends on the psychotherapist or psychologist you chose.

Does your business acquire or collect data about my child when he or she works with the program?

No, all data remains only with your chosen professional who works with children. We also recommend maximum and easy pseudonymization of any data so that it cannot be linked directly to your child. All data can also be easily deleted. But you need to talk to the psychologist or a therapist you have chosen. Our company has no access to this data.